PMA Neck Turning Tool Cutter (always carbide)

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These are replacement cutters for our PMA Neck Turning Tools. If you want to convert your neck tool to a different shoulder angle or if you feel your existing cutter is losing its edge (not likely, but stranger things have happened).

Most shooters will be well served by a 30 or 35 degree cutter, but due to requests we have added specific degree cutters for those who wish a more customized fit.







Available in the following configurations:

1.    30˚ for a wide variety of cartridges. BR, PPC, 6.5x47 and most RSAUM

2.    30° for short-neck cartridges such as the 204 Ruger

3.    35˚ for 284 and WSM family cartridges

4.    40˚ for improved cartridges

5.    17.5˚ cutter for 30-06 family

6.    20˚ cutter for 308 family and 338 Lapua

7.    23˚ cutter for 223 family

8.    28˚ cutter for 22-250 (also work for 6mm Rem)


9.    40° for short-neck cartridges such as the 6mm Dasher

10.  25° for 300 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag



PNT-030 PNT-040

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10 Reviews

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    Neck turning tool cutter

    Works great!!! The added notch in the blade aids in adjusting the cutting of the neck length.

  • 5

    PMA makes some very precise tools for my needs and I will be purchasing from them again! Thank you for a great product!!!

  • 5
    PMA neck turner tool

    As a 1st time user this tool was very easy to set up and use. Very precise.

  • 5
    30º Carbide Cutter Short Neck - Neck Turning

    I purchased this for Turning 204 Ruger Brass. I'm using the PMA Model A Neck Turner. Winchester Brass- Necks turned 0.0111-0.0112. PMA Neck Turners work Great! Easy to use, PMA Great Customer Support.

  • 5
    Chop chop

    I used this on my 6mm Remington brass. Cuts nice and smooth and the lead angle is much closer than the 30 degree.

  • 5

    I have turned over a thousand cases and still cutting like new! so I did not need the spare cutter I ordered

  • 5
    clean cut

    Have had 3 different neck turners. The pma carbide cutter make a clean, smooth cut Everytime. Make a cut to the shoulder and back and all the material that can be taken off, comes off. No need to follow up. Very sharp consistent cutters

  • 5
    PMA cutters

    I have owned several PMA cutter heads of varying angles and they are very precisely machined. At least as important is the premium customer service that comes with their products... Second to none!

  • 5

    It's difficult to compare.

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