PMA Neck Turning Tool Model A Non Standard Cutter Angle

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The PMA Neck Turning Tool is the best neck turner available today. You know why you need or want to neck turn, but with so many different models on the market, which do you choose? The factors determining your choice of neck turning tools essentially boils down to three key demands; ease and repeatability of adjustment, comfort of use and cut finish. This tool absolutely satisfies these demands.


Our neck turning tool does not use a course or fine drive screw to move the cutter towards or away from the mandrel. We don’t utilize an unnecessary micrometer or dial indicator. Nor do we rotate the mandrel on an eccentric which changes the center of the cut and has inconsistent adjustment. Our Model A neck turning tool simply adjusts by moving the mandrel toward or away from the stationary cutter with VERY minimal backlash. The Model A utilizes a super-fine 80TPI drive screw giving you .0002” adjustment between each mark, the marks have ample space between them allowing you to make adjustments as fine as .0001”.  Tool does not include mandrel.


To see a video of this neck turning  tool in use go to:  



·         Adjustments of 0.0002” are easy to accomplish

o       (0.0001” adjustments not out of the questions)

·         Accepts PMA or Sinclair neck turning mandrels (sold separately)

o       Also accepts K&M mandrels with the use of an adaptor

·         Carbide cutter should never go dull

o       Available in multiple cutter angles

1.      30˚ for a wide variety of cartridges including BR, PPC, RSAUM and 6.5x47

2.    30° for short-neck (<.250") cartridges such as 204 Ruger, 17 FB and various wildcats

3.      35˚ for 284 and WSM family cartridges

4.      40˚ for improved cartridges

5.      40  for short-neck (<.250") cartridges such as Dasher and various wildcats

6.      17.5˚ cutter for 30-06 family

7.      20˚ cutter for 308 family and 338 Lapua

8.      23˚ cutter for 223 family

9.      28˚ cutter for 22-250 (also works for 6mm Rem)

10.    25  degree cutter

·         Replacement cutters available separately

·         Large ergonomic design

o       Fits the hand well with good heft without being too heavy

o       Size & shape keeps the tool easy to control under the torque of a case lathe or power drill





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13 Reviews

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    You guys are awesome. Your products are the intersection of simplicity, functionality, quality, and art. I had a cheaper neck turner before I decided to spend the coin on yours. The PMA is not even the most expensive setup by the time you put together all the add ons to bring a competitor "close". Absolutely no regrets and the only money that was wasted was what I spent on the cheap stuff first. Your carbide options are worth every penny too. Your stuff just simply does what it is supposed to do without being overly complicated.

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    Neck Turning Tool

    I currently own 3 of these neck turning tools. I have tried and used all the others at one time or another. I have since sold all the others and will continue to buy this one. The first time I used this tool was to turn 6PPC brass to a 262. I did this on a single pass hogging material off! I then checked my measurements on a ball mic and was shocked to see that it cut uniformly and to the correct thickness for all 100 pieces. So no more making 2 cuts for me. After that I was sold. I also use the PMA carbide mandrels and expanders.

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    PMA Neck Turning Tool

    Hands down the best Neck Turning Tool on the market.

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    Simple to set up, accurate changes in dimension, repeatable results

    As we all know, case neck uniformity helps in accuracy. We can buy premium cases and live with it or turn the necks to get uniformity. Using the PMA tool I get clean smooth turns with little friction, easy predictable adjustments that let me ease into the precise neck thickness required for a specific chamber and the settings hold over hundreds of necks.(Yes, I am a little crazy)

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    could not be better

    I love this tool. It makes neck turning very easy and does a great job. Very ergonomic.

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    neck turner

    This is a great hand held turner. Works great .0002 adjustment. Would recommend to others.

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    Repeatable accuracy, no more multiple turners

    Received and set up my new PMA "A" turner with 40* degree cutter. Backed off bit from mandrel, oiled and ran a case over the mandrel a couple of times to warm it up. Zero' d out bit against mandrel. Dialed in .0136 and locked it. Turned a case and verified w/ tube mic @ .0136. Ran 4 more cases just to make sure, all 5 mic'd the same. Loosened set screw and set for a slight drag, dialed in target thickness of .0131. Ran it again, all cases at target dimension. All to easy to maintain proper cadence to keep mandrel @ same temp. PMA rocks!!

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    The Best

    Have used other brands but none have preformed as well as PMA. Wide cutting blade, carbide mandrel, specific angle cutting blades very important.

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