.200 Line Measuring Tool Kit

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These little gizmos make measuring the .200 line a fast, repeatable exercise. They hold the case by the base and have a slot at the 200 line for calipers so you get a repeatable measurement.

The 200 line on brass refers to the spot on the body of a cartridge commonly measured to evaluate sizing dies, monitor pressures and eliminate "clickers", the annoying hiccup that occurs when brass isn't sized properly. Usually this symptom is fixed with a different FL die (possibly small base or custom) or a ring die.


Available to fit nearly every family of cases. This kit includes them all, sized to be a couple thosandths inch larger than case diameter. Available soon indiviidually. (Patent Pending)


A - .381" (223 Rem Family)

B-  .444" (220 Russian, PPC, ARC, Grendel)

C-  .476" (308 Win Family, BR family, 30-06 Family...)

D-  .503" (284Win Family)

E-  .535" (Standard Magnums, PRC Family)

F-  .558" (Rem Ultra and Short Mags, WSM Family


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    .200 Line Measuring Kit

    I used this tool to help out a friend that was having clickers with a Custom 6BR rifle. Following the instructions it was immediately evident that the .200 line was not being properly sized. A proper die cured the problem.

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