PMA Barrel Tuner 4.2oz (CANNOT EXPORT)

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  • PMA Barrel Tuner 4.2oz (CANNOT EXPORT)
  • PMA Barrel Tuner 4.2oz (CANNOT EXPORT)
  • PMA Barrel Tuner 4.2oz (CANNOT EXPORT)
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When designing the PMA Barrel Tuner we consulted with shooters in the benchrest community added this knowledge to our own experiences in both rimfire and centerfire competitive shooting to create what we believe is the easiest to install, tune and clean barrel tuner available.

There are a lot of things we like about rimfire tuners that we've integrated into our design to address some of the shortcomings we've experienced with current offerings in centerfire tuners.

This tuner features an appropriately sized moving weight and a lightweight center tube with no exposed threads, no lock rings or clamping screws. The center tube tightens to the barrel using a 1" hex. Tension for keeping the tuner weight in place is accomplished with silicone o-rings. Additional vibration dampening is also accomplished with the use of multiple large cross section silicone o-rings on the outside circumference of the moving weight. The laser engraving is marked to correspond with .001" of movement and marked counterclockwise so the numbers get larger as the weight is moved out. 

Thread pattern for the barrel is 7/8-32 x 1".  Includes blueprint diagram for installation and suggestions for tuning based on our experiences with the 6mm PPC. 

PMA highly recommends installation to be completed by an experienced gunsmith.


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3 Reviews

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    PMA Barrel Tuner

    Posted by Scott Haywood on 7th Jan 2021

    I've been running different tuners for over five years and when I saw this one, I wanted to give it a try. I installed this tuner on a new barrel, After a quick breaking in session I decided to screw the outer section of the tuner all the way out to the end and start from there. (I just like the looks of it screwed out better) I began by firing two shots at each setting and progressively screwed the tuner in toward the rifle stopping at every "marked number", not at each line. My groups quickly began to tighten up into a single holes at 100 yards, after the 8th time I moved the tuner, my two shot groups started opening up again. I moved back to what looked like the best setting and shot a test shot and it went right back into the group. After a good cleaning, I wanted to be sure of the setting with a full test group, I put 6 shots in a hole that measured .122", 4 five shot groups at 200 yards agged .188moa! Excellent repeatability! I shouldn't be surprised, every PMA product I've bought in the past has exceeded my expectations in quality and function. I'm going to get another one of these ordered now!

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    Follow Up

    Posted by Lawrence Moore on 2nd Dec 2020

    Now that I have had the tuner installed and tested it to a small degree, I like it even more. Follow the directions, its just that simple. Within ten shots bughole groups.. But there is more, It was installed on a teaser barrel with 900 rounds.. Nice Product Folks.. Guess that's why I just ordered Your new priming tool.. Get stuff from shooters not salesman is my advice..

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    Its A GOOD Looking Tuner

    Posted by Lawrence Moore on 31st Oct 2020

    I have avoided the tuner craze for a long time. I gave in and looked at PMA simply because of how good they were to me once on a gift certificate. The tuner is simple not over complicated like many of the others. Nor is it overly large..

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