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PMA Barrel Tuner 5/8-24 Threads

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  • PMA Barrel Tuner 5/8-24 Threads
  • PMA Barrel Tuner 5/8-24 Threads
  • PMA Barrel Tuner 5/8-24 Threads


Since introducing our barrel tuners, we've had a ton of requests for a tuner for barrels that are already threaded for a brake or other muzzle device. This barrel tuner is threaded 5/8-24

When designing the PMA Barrel Tuner we consulted with shooters in the benchrest community added this knowledge to our own experiences in both rimfire and centerfire competitive shooting to create what we believe is the easiest to install, tune and clean barrel tuner available.

This tuner features an appropriately sized moving weight and a lightweight center tube with no exposed threads, no lock rings or clamping screws. The center tube tightens to the barrel using a 1" hex. Tension for keeping the tuner weight in place is accomplished with silicone o-rings. Additional vibration dampening is also accomplished with the use of multiple large cross section silicone o-rings on the outside circumference of the moving weight. The laser engraving is marked to correspond with .001" of movement and marked counterclockwise so the numbers get larger as the weight is moved out. 

Threaded 5/8-24 for pre-threaded barrels.

Tuner weighs 4.6oz total.


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