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PMA DOUBLE Rifle Cleaning Cradle Combo 3" and 2.25"

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  • PMA DOUBLE Rifle Cleaning Cradle Combo 3" and 2.25"
  • PMA DOUBLE Rifle Cleaning Cradle Combo 3" and 2.25"


Our double rifle cleaning cradle is more than just bolting on a couple extra saddles, it was designed from the ground up, based on our single cradle. Using the same tie bar and protective saddles, we widened the base and created new uprights to support the saddles, making the cradle as narrow and light as possible, while retaining all the protective and non-slip features from our single unit.

Available in double 3" front saddles, double 2.25" front saddles and combination 3" / 2.25" front saddle configurations to accommodate multiple classes of rifles for centerfire and rimfire benchrest competition.

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4 Reviews

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    PMA Cleaning Cradle

    Posted by Fred E. Etheridge on 7th Aug 2023

    I’ve been shooting and cleaning guns for 71 years. Tried ever type of cradle for supporting guns while cleaning imaginable. Until I discovered the PMA Cradle, was never satisfied. Previous cradles always slipped when pushing patches, especially when using the push/pull Blue Nylon Brush or Metal Brush through tight bores. PMA Cradle will not slip. No screws to push against the stock which always fail when pushing against cheek piece or fore stock. Equally important feature is the incline between the front and rear rest, cleaning solvents travel away from the action. The synthetic tubing surrounding the front and rear purchase protects the surface of the gun from damage. The convenience of the double cradle is helpful and convenient for me. Benchresters will especially appreciate the PMA Cradle. I never do solicited reviews. Fred E.. Etheridge

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    PMA combo cleaning cradle

    Posted by Scott A Albury on 31st May 2023

    Bought a single 3" cradle and was so impressed I ordered a combo for IR 3-gun as both forearm widths are used. Hands down the best cradle on the market!

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    Cleaning cradle

    Posted by Jeff M on 23rd Sep 2022

    Great design, holds rifle at a good angle to help prevent cleaning solvents leak into the action.

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    Posted by Pete on 27th Dec 2016

    I would like to say that I have tried other cradles and this cradle is far superior to anything else I have seen. It is well designed and easy to assemble and disassemble for transporting to range. Worth every penny spent.

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