PMA Neck Turning Tool Cutter (always carbide)

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These are replacement cutters for our PMA Neck Turning Tools. If you want to convert your neck tool to a different shoulder angle or if you feel your existing cutter is losing its edge (not likely, but stranger things have happened).

Most shooters will be well served by a 30 or 35 degree cutter, but due to requests we have added specific degree cutters for those who wish a more customized fit.







Available in the following configurations:

1.    30˚ for a wide variety of cartridges. BR, PPC, 6.5x47 and most RSAUM

2.    30° for short-neck cartridges such as the 204 Ruger

3.    35˚ for 284 and WSM family cartridges

4.    40˚ for improved cartridges

5.    17.5˚ cutter for 30-06 family

6.    20˚ cutter for 308 family and 338 Lapua

7.    23˚ cutter for 223 family

8.    28˚ cutter for 22-250 (also work for 6mm Rem)


9.    40° for short-neck cartridges such as the 6mm Dasher

10.  25° for 300 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag



PNT-030 PNT-040

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