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PMA Rod Guide for BAT 2Lug - 30 Major

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  • PMA Rod Guide for BAT 2Lug - 30 Major
  • PMA Rod Guide for BAT 2Lug - 30 Major


For rifles chambered in 30 Major or similar cartridges of 30 caliber based on the PPC, 220 Russian and Grendel.

This Rod Guide does not have an o-ring. The body diameter of the PPC and Grendel does not allow for an o-ring to seal the chamber.


This Rod Guide will fit any action with a bolt diameter between .715" and .720". This includes BAT 2 Lug actions: S, SV, SB, B, MB, DS, M, CT, L, HR and VR.

We've taken the best features of the rod guides we've been using for years and put them into one guide. 

The PMA Rod Guide Features:

  • 12.25" overall length
  • CNC Lathe Turned Black Delrin
    • Our guides are made from black delrin because it doesn't stain and discolor like white delrin. 
  • Integral Solvent Port
    • The integral solvent port is machined and located properly, not too big, not too small, and not directly under the scope eye piece (at least for most rifles).
  • Postitive Markings
    • Our guides are laser marked and paint filled; the paint may eventually wear off, but unlike stickers or identifying marks made by a marker, the engraving is there to stay. 
  • Red Silicone O-Rings
    • In our opinion, red silicone o-rings hold up better to solvents and because they are a contrasting color to the black delrin, any wear and tear on the o-ring is instantly recognizable.
  • Aluminum Rod Guide Insert
    • We use aluminum for our rod guide insert, this allows us to hold a tighter tolerance on the inside diameter ensuring support for the cleaning rod. Aluminum also lets us give the end of the insert a nice, sharp, clean knurl for pulling the insert out of the guide.
  • Dual O-Ring Insert
    • Our insert also has two o-rings instead of just one so it doesn't wobble inside of the guide. The less everything wobbles, the straighter the rod will be in the bore.
  • Clear Reusable Packaging
    • We use the same telescoping plastic tube used to transport and ship high dollar cutting tools. It easily holds a rod guide and insert and is clear so the markings on the rod guide can be seen.


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