Ivan Piani Benchrest Stock

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In recent years, building a benchrest rifle has required a seriously long wait, if you can even get one. We searched around and found our friends in Italy are making them with a wait time in weeks instead of years.

These benchrest stocks from Italian gunsmith Ivan Piani are some of the nicest we've seen. Made to the modern low-profile style from wood and carbon fiber in weights all the way down to 15oz. They come pre-inletted and ready for either glue-in or pillar bedding. Currently available for all Bat Machine benchrest actions, Kelbly Panda, and Borden B and BR.

Every stock is custom made to order to your specified action, bolt configuration, weight and color.

Available in blue, black, red, green and purple.

Call today and let's get one built for you.

$200 deposit required. Lead time 12-16 weeks

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