PMA Driver for Case Holders Small Rifle Primer

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If you haven’t already done it, changing your case prep routine from hand to power will save hours of time and wear and tear on you hands. Case prep operations that can be performed while using the PMA Case Holder system include: inside/outside case mouth deburring, neck turning, inside/outside neck cleaning and flash hole deburring (thanks to the new design of the PMA Tool Case Driver and the 21st Century Shooting Deburring Tool).


The PMA Case Holder Drivers work with PMA Case Holders and are primer pocket specific, meaning that we manufacture two models; one specifically for small rifle primer pockets and one for large rifle primer pockets. This design improves three factors for you: 1) locks the case more securely, 2) turns the case more concentrically and 3) releases the case more easily (keeps the tool from swaging into the primer pocket and getting stuck).


The 1/4” hex shaft will work with nearly all power screwdrivers and any hand drills or power centers that have an adjustable chuck.




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12 Reviews

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    Small case holder


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    Better than Brownell's

    This design is much better than Brownell's. Is fits the primer pocket better and spins with less wobble. Not perfect but better. I guess the only way to make the brass spin perfect would be in a lathe.

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    Ive got the larg rifle and lover it


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    Works great

    Works as needed.

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    Driver case holder

    Works great , it runs very true in my drill chuck . time saver ! thanks PMA

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    223 Rem Case Holder

    I purchased this for 223 Rem & 204 Ruger. I really like how well it holds the cases for turning brass.

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    Best driver for turning cases with a driver or drill

    To gain better verticals at extended distances I have taken to turning all my brass necks for consistent neck tension. These drivers hold the brass tightly, making it easy to turn necks to a consistent thickness.

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    PMA Driver for Case Holder

    The small rifle primer driver fits both 6mm BR Norma as well as the 308 Palma Small Rifle Primer. The thread match-up is critical and the parts fit together like hand in glove

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    the knurled part could be a little bigger

    it was hard to unlock the turned case so I put a bigger collar over it . like a cordless drill chuck

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