PMA Micro Die Adjuster w/ Thumb Screw Upgrade

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For as long as we've been reloading we've always hated setting up our full length sizing dies. We've been using shims to help this along for quite a long while now, but have not really been pleased with them. It seems we always misplace them, or can't find the ones we need, or grab the wrong ones, and they always seem to be covered in rust. For as many years as we've been doing this we've always been looking for a better way. After searching off and on for a solution to this nagging problem we finally have a workable solution. The PMA Micro Die Adjuster.


The PMA Tool Micro Die Adjuster (MDA) replaces your existing lock ring and can be used with nearly any 7/8-14 full length sizing die. We successfully used this tool with sizing dies from Redding, RCBS, Hornady, Lee, Harrells Precision and those made from Newlon Precision die blanks. It allows you to easily make adjustments to your “shoulder bump” as fine as .0005”. The engraved marks on the MDA are equal to approximately .001” (true adjustment .000992”) of adjustment to the shoulder bump. Splitting the engraved marks is therefore approximately equal to .0005”. The design of the MDA does not allow it to work with the Forster Co-Ax press and is not intended for use with turret presses, progressive presses or the RCBS Summit press. Some custom dies for very short cartridges may require the use of an extended shellholder.Micro Die Adjuster shown in use installed on Custom Newlon/Scott 6mm PPC Die and Harrells Precision Compact Press.

**Includes Thumb Screw Upgrade for locking the adjustment in place

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40 Reviews

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    Micro Die Adjuster

    I am using this with the RCBS Ram Primer Die. I needed a way to adjust and this works way better than fiddling around with a die nut. There is not much pressure needed from the ram so this works great. While resizing brass, I still find it to be a PITA for shoulder bump. I do not think there is a fix for this with current die design.

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    PMA Micro die adjuster

    Tool is made very nicely but the instructions are not veery clear as to it's usage. I understand the concept but it seems to me the indicator markings are engraved in the wrong direction. If you use the marks ascending, the die moves up in relation to the case. (PMA Note: the ascending numbers are to indicate longer headspace)

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    Micro die adjuster W/thumb screw

    Absolutely great!!! Set it up as instructions said. Got it dialed in for two thousandth shoulder bump and I have been able to keep my shoulder bumps on all my cases within a half thousandth of each other. Will be purchasing a few more, one fore every caliber I load

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    micro die adjuster

    Great product; easy to make.0005-.001 changes for my" full size" cartridge dies.

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    Pma micro die adjuster with thumb screw

    This tool is fantastic. This tool truly gives you the ability to adjust .001/.0005 at a time, I am hooked. I have one of these for each FLR or shoulder bump die I have.

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    Micro Die adjuster

    Easy to set up and eliminates the guesswork / trial & error of setting up a custom die to the exact shoulder setback I want. Perfect!

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    Not surprised

    Makes die setup an absolute pleasure! I honestly do not know how I survived without this. If it's made by PMA it's a must have! PMA is top of the food chain when it comes to fine, quality products and the customer service is unbeatable, dare you to even try!

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    Can't live without it

    Can't live without your micro die adjuster. During a match when cases get tight it take 10 seconds to squeak the die adjustment and keep the gun running smoothly. Makes shims seem stupid.

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